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1/16/2001 - Been a while since I've updated the site.  I had been frustrated because I wasn't able to figure out how to make drop-down boxes work.  The links on the picture pages were starting to get in the way.  I needed to figure out how to consolidate all the links into one more compact area on the page.  I finally figured it out, but I had to use Java script and I'm NOT a programmer so it took some time.  Let me know if you like it or not.  It makes the page MUCH less cluttered.

While I was doing this, I accidentally deleted the third page of my mom and dad's family pictures (Frank and Lucille Burke).  It took some time to put back in place.  I hope I found all of the pictures and restored them to view.  Some wound up on page 6.

The site redesign is
almost complete!!!  Yay!!!  I didn't want to do much more in the way of adding new content until that was completed.  I DO have new content, by the way.  And more coming.  I got "Family Tree Maker software for Christmas.  Maybe I'll even get ambitious and put some genealogy charts on the site.  They may wind up being links to another site.  Depends on how it works out.

Also, for the Andersons ... I've located a relative that played on a professional sports team in the 1940's.  Do you know who it is?  I'll have more in a future update ... stay tuned!!!

10/19/2000 - Updated the Email link on all pages to accurately reflect my new Email address of James_H_Burke@yahoo.com .  I know that doesn't sound like much, but believe me, it took a while.  (By the way, I don't seem to be getting much in the way of Email except from Cynthia and Aunt Betty ... come on, Email me!)  When I make a change like that, I have to make it on each individual page.  Maybe there's a way to do it automagically for every page, but if there is I don't know how.  I also began conversion of the rest of the site to the new design.  It's going to be a lot of work, but in the end, I think it will be worth it.

9/4/2000 - Added Daddy Bob's Seaboard Air Line Railroad correspondence to the Anderson family page.  Also: pictures of the impromptu Anderson family reunion held on August 12, 2000, Daddy Bob's 99th birthday.  Happy birthday, Daddy Bob!  We love you.

9/2/2000 - As I'm sure you noticed, I changed a LOT about how the HOME page looks.  New background, new links, new graphics, more pictures, different counter, etc, etc, etc.  As different things are added or changed, I'll update you on it here (I'll try anyway).  Let me know what you think of the new look before I do all the work to change the rest of the pages to match.  Oh boy is that going to be fun (not!!).
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